> PhotoChrome v6

2015 upgrades...

Another significant update (v6.21 rc2)

1-field (4,096 col), 2-field (29,791 col), 3-field (97,336 col) conversion...

medium-resolution, overscanned, line-interlaced 704x440 (display technique of Ralf Zenker)

+ tri-field and quad-field images simulating many more colours (up to 226,981 on STE)

+ generate images for medium-resolution (640+) displaymodes

+ custom image generation now complete & fully documented

+ '-s 2' exports extended PCS format for custom display modes

+ (beta) viewer for new STE mode #1 images (416x272x52cc/line)

+ minor bugfixes

+ new manual

+ RC2 Win build includes CryptoChrome conversion modes!

Download v6.21 for Win + TOS

Download v6.20 for Win + TOS

> PhotoChrome v5

2012 version...

An improved cross-platform convertor which handles batching, more control, more formats, better quality images etc. Bigger and slower than the original but more flexible overall.

Major (!) update (v5.12 R2)

+ new 'shared bitmap' mode for 1 bitmap + 2 palette fields [-fm 1]

+ 8 kinds of dithering [-dt]

+ 9 kinds of spatial error diffusion [-spet]

+ complete rewrite of spatial error diffusion [-e 2]

+ improved 'self settling' field error diffusion [-e 1]

+ Kohonen/S.O.M/'neural network' multipalette reducer implemented [-m 5]

+ improved bin balancing multipalette reducer implemented [-m 6]

+ improved fast recursive sampling reducer implemented [-m 4]

+ custom multipalette display formats using .CSV template [-pct file]

+ horizontal colour mask rules via .CSV mask (to be expanded) [-dpt file]

+ generate images for any display resolution [-ysize & -pct file]

+ raw bitmap/palette file output mode for custom stream MUX / compression [-s]

+ diagnostic output mode [-dg]

+ broad precision overhaul for low conversion error

+ minor bugfixes

+ updated docs - start of new user guide

Download - TOS/Win32 combined distro + source

Release update (v5.01 R)

+ support for 3 kinds of error diffusion

+ support for 2 forms of raw display data output

+ improved 030/FPU and 040/060/FPU builds

+ minor bugfixes

+ makefile improvements

+ updated docs

First release version (v5.00 R)

+ support for single-field images

+ hatch dither method added

+ better --help

+ minor bugfixes

+ updated docs


+ more interesting display format implementations (Atari side)
+ make TOS build more efficient, esp. image reduction and -m3 mode
+ continue work on user guide, examples & pics

> previous versions...

Below is the original version for ST/e. note: it seems to kinda-work in Steem Emu v3.2 although it flickers with poor vsync in windowed mode


> PhotoChrome v4.00

1993 version updated with some fixes...

Download - original distro [ready - please wait for site update!]

> PhotoChrome v3.00

1992 version...

Download - original distro [ready - please wait for site update!]

Download - 68k source [ready - please wait for site update!]

> PhotoChrome 'slideshow'

1992 version...

Apparently I implemented an auto-folder floppy slideshow app for PCS files and forgot about it. Here it is. You can pack your PCS files with PackICE v2.4 to get more images on the floppy, and it supports TN1 and PC1 formats too.

Download - original binary [ready - please wait for site update!]

Download - 68k source [um.. had to disassemble it, still cleaning it up]

> Early overscan 'slideshow'

(unknown date)

Early overscan implementation with some interlaced images specifically converted to overscan resolution, and a single palette switch per scanline. Quality much lower than PCS but this demo predates it.

Download - MSA disk image [ready - please wait for site update!]