> Apex Media v2.41

2015 hotfix...

v2.41 + bugfix (res switch could cause loss of sync on some monitors)

Download - video mode fix

Replace the PRG from the original v2.41 package with the hotfix version.

1997 version...

v2.41 was the last release made, and the one in general circulation.

Download - Falcon030 binary distro

Note #1: If you have trouble with the display when starting Apex, try deleting the APEX.CFG file from the APEXSYS folder. The CFG contains saved settings for the display mode and the existing settings may not suit your monotor.

Note #2: While Apex seems to run ok under Hatari 1.6.2, the DSP support gave me problems on my PC. The ratio of DSP to CPU clocks is probably quite different from the original machine - Apex expects the DSP to be a lot quicker and the host doesn't wait while polling data.

Note #3: Apex uses 256-colour and true (hi-)colour modes. If you use a screen expander to mess with these modes, Apex may not like it. At best, it will ignore the expanded mode and use a builtin mode. Apex 3 was built to use expanded modes!

Note #4: This is a working snapshot from my machine. It might not be exactly the same as the distributed version. YMMV!